Here they are, newest pictures are at the bottom of the list

I have the better quality originals if anyone wants prints, just send me a email and I'll get it out to you.

Two Pics of where I work (it's not as depressing as it looks) and Barcode (5.21-22.2004)
Barcode (5.29-30.2004)
Memorial Day (working holidays isn't so bad :))
Alan's 4th of July Party (7.3.2004)
After Alan's 4th of July Party at Barcode (7.4.2004)
Scott's and Marcus' 4th of July party (7.4.2004)
Getting Settled in California (7.7-8.2004)
Monterey and Laguna Seca (7.9-11.2004)
Kevin's domicle and surroundings, Thanks Kevin! (7.12.2004)
To Stewart's Point and then fun in Belmont (7.13.2004)
Lick Observatory and back (7.14.2004)
Mucking around San Francisco and then late night in Belmont (7.14.2004)
PCH between Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay (7.15.2004)
Angie's Pictures, yes they are better composed than mine. (7.15-17.2004)
Marimar's and Nicole's Birthday party (7.24-25.2004)
My Birthday (8.6-7.2004)
Turner's Corner (8.8.2004)
Hanging with the Revolution at Smith's (8.11.2004), Two, Three.
Night at 1150 (8.26.2004)
Jeffery's in Alpharetta (8.27.2004), Two, Three.
UGA vs. Georgia Southern (9.4.2004)
Kareem and Dennis at the Road Atlanta AMA Superbike Race (9.5.2004)
UGA vs. LSU (10.2.2004), Two, Three.
UGA vs. Tennessee (10.9.2004), Two.
World's Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party (10.30-31.2004)
Auburn Trip for UGA vs. AU (11.11-12.2004)
UGA vs. Georgia Tech (11.27.2004)
Ellis' Birthday Party (12.5.2004)
Season's Greetings from Barcode (12.15.2004)
Barcode (12.19.2004)
New Year's (1.1.2005), Two.
Motorcycle Show (1.7.2005)
Chad and Herm, I dunno, you tell me what they are doing... (1.9.2005)
Fat Tuesday (2.8-9.2005)
Bottles (2.9.2005), Two.
Herm's Bachelor Party (3.25.2005)
Herm and Angie's After Party with pics by Alison (4.2-3.2005)
Savannah for Chad and Shelly's Wedding (6.17-19.2005)
Kareem's Birthday (04.01-02.2006)